Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy birthday to me.... Whooo hooo!

I am now offically 47 OH Yeah!@##$#$ LOL..

It was funny, I was working today, asked a co-worker the date, and she said the 29th, it just went by me and then I stood there, godsmacked - "It's my birthday!" I said. Holy mother, I couln't believe that I just treated today as a regular day.

This is a sign of aging I think, when you birthday just becomes another day in paradise. LOL

more to come....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playful ghosts udate 7/28/10

Hello all, I have been doing great so far, but have not had a chance to be writing in this blog for a while. I started this thing in hopes to share my recipes and such, but been so busy with life that I just had not had a chance to get here to even update things.

Now I got to start adding some things that have been happening.

Lately, I have been having almost a daily run in with a playful spirit. He is a ghost child at about 12 years old.

I met Jacob at our house one day while I was cleaning up, dusting and all that fun stuff; and I happened to look at the television and it was very dusty. I was about to clean it off when I noticed that there was a few finger marks, lines and different wavey things on the screen. I asked my wife (which by the way, she is also very open minded about the paranormal.) if she had been making marks on the screen, because sometimes she has to lean against the tv when she is either cleaning or dusting to reach a picture on the wall. She said that she had not been near the tv.

I then cleaned off the tv screen and didn't really think anything about it for a while. It was then about a week later that I saw that the tv needed another good dusting. ( I know that your probably thinking that our house must be really full of dust and dirt. It isnt that bad, it is dusty cause we have the doors always open to let in fresh air.) So I grabbed the dusting rag and was ready to clean when I saw that the marks where there, and some new ones were actually showing up as I stood there.

Now up to this point, there were many times that I have experienced paranormal activity at that house, Some polterguist activity and disembodied voices. So I knew there had to be a ghost there playing tricks on me. So I set out to find out more about this playful spirit.
Taking a digital recorder, I started to ask for a name, and different questions. (when did you die, how old were you.) I listened back at the answers, and got some very clear answeres.

His name is Jacob, and he was 12 years old at the time that he had died. He comes to visit his favorite places here in town, though he is not grounded here. He died in New York city in about 1920's, of TB.
So here is some of the things that Jacob had done.

1. I would be laying in my bed, and he would bounce the bed.

2. He would play with some of our stuffed animals we have collected over the last 13 years of marriage.
3. I was taking a shower, and he stuck his face against the shower curtain.

Now here is the latest...

Update 7/28/10
This is just and update to the story that I have shared with you about a ghost child that lives here in my home. His name is Jacob, and he is or was twelve years old.The other night, I was taking a shower as I always do at night one hour before bed, I had just climbed in, and was getting ready to wash my hair. My wife was in the living-room watching TV, I could hear her laughing. I placed some shampoo into my hair, and was working up a lather when I heard linin closet door open. It has a very strange squeek to it. Soap was starting to go down toward my eyes, but I needed to see if it was my wife getting something out of the closet. I opened the curtain, and looked out. My wife was not there, but the door was still opening. A towl litterally jumped out of the closet, and into the bathroom.I then saw the closet door close. I knew it had to be Jacob, so I just said thank you, and that I did indeed forgot to get a towel out to dry. There was a giggle, and then the door to the bedroom opened up. The way the bathroom is set in the house, it is very small, and the linin closet is like 10 feet from the bathroom door. The bedroom door is a swinging door going to the bathroom, and course there is a bathroom door, but we never close it cause it is an old handle on the door, and it sticks sometimes and we cant open it up.

Jacob is such a playful thing, and I really love this kid. My wife have spiritually adopted him because she can not bare children, and we can not even afford to adopt or foster a child, so he is now our foster child.

I'll keep adding more to this site as much as I can.