Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A real ghost story

My wife and I had moved into our current home about 6 years ago. From day one I knew there was paranormal activity here in the house and it became very apparent the first night when I was in the shower.
My wife was sitting in the Living room watching tv, while I decided after a long day of unpacking I would take a shower. The plumbing is so strange here. You have to turn the water to straight hot and wait a minute till it gets hot. Then turn it slowly till you get the temp you want. So after I had reached the temperature I wanted I grabbed the shampoo and began to scrub my hair. (What hair I got. :P)
As I rinsed the lather off of my face, I saw the curtain move, and a giggle. I thought it was my wife had came in to check on me, so I moved the curtain so that I could look out. I was surprised to find that she was not in the room. So I closed the curtain and continued my relaxing shower. 
The curtain moved again, and suddenly Clearly I saw the outline of a face pressed against the curtain. It was the face of a kid. I turned off the water and pulled the curtain and just for a moment I saw a figure standing and then it vanished. But he was laughing.
Now, you may think that I would have been scared out of my skin seeing a spirit. But I am not afraid of ghosts, its the living that freaks me out. From a very early age I have always known that there was spirits and paranormal things in this world. I suppose I should write about this here.
When I was about Ten years old, My father was called into work early because one of the men was sick. My mother was in the Hospital because of having some troubles with her hips, and my sister was over at  the next door neighbors.
I had a friend that was over to keep me company, and we had set up a tent with a couple of chairs and the bed sheets draped over them. As we were watching tv and chatting about this that and other stuff, I heard a sound in the hall leading to the bedrooms. (we lived in a trailer)
I looked out and saw my father standing in the hall, half in shadow, but I could see the shirt he had on when he left, and he smiled at me, turned and then sort of faded into the shadows.
The telephone rang, and so I assumed my father would answer it, so I went back under the tent. The phone continued to ring.
I crawled out of the tent again and went right to the phone, calling out to my dad if he was going to answer the phone. I received no answer, so I picked up the phone. It turned out to be my mother.
She told me that my father was involved in an accident at work, and he was in the E.R. My father was Comatose.
I told my mother that I had seen dad here in the trailer no less then a few minutes before she called. My mother being also very open to the idea that there are ghosts and other things, told me that possibly dad had came to say goodbye if he dies.
Course he survived, but never was the same after. He was more addicted to pain killers and Alcohol.
But it was then that I knew that there was things in this world that can not be explained.
Now back to my personal story. I had done some EVP (electric Voice Phenomenon) and gleaned that the ghost is named Jacob. He died of T.B. He died in 1920. Jacob is forever a twelve year old boy.
Jacob is not here all the time. He vanishes and comes back when ever he feels like and not grounded here. I am happy about that.
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Update... (stardate) 10-29-13

Hey all. OMGangnam Style. Life has been so busy as of late that I have not had a chance to even do anything with this blog. 
I have been writing my e book, as well as editing on the fly. So I want to Apologize for the absence of updates and actual blogging. 

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Hes a lumberjack and thats okay, he sleeps all night and he works all day"


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