Friday, September 6, 2013

OMG this is not fair. Dogs seem to be able to do many things humans can't. And even if a human can, the dog shows off that he can do it better....
Bloody Git...
SO... Life is busy here. I have a Twitter account so if you would like to get hold of me and catch up with me in real time go to twitter and find me @etower036 (JD Cook)
Hey there... As I promised I would start mirroring some of the stuff from over here... so here we got

When hermione was younger, she preformed magic a bit better then some of her class mates which always impressed Harry and Ron.  But this is the best example.

Harry has been and will always be impressed by Hermione's skills.
(No copyright infringment ment.)

This that and other things.

Hey all. I need to say a big sorry for those that had followed this blog and have since left cause I have been so in active. To tell you the truth, I have found another blog where I have been very busy there. I am so active there that its crazy. However, I am going to mirror some of the stuff over there, here. and vice versa. (love that movie) Anyway. Love you all and talk to you later.