Friday, October 21, 2011


Here is a photo that I took that I believe it is Jacob. I heard a sound in our store room, which was a spare room in our house. I went in and saw some things move so started to take some pictures This is what I captured.

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Jacob the joker

You would think that you could find something that you knew where it was because it should be exactly where you left it. It sounds perfectly fine unless you have a Ghost that loves to pull pranks.

I was looking for my cellphone, and I knew that I had placed it next to me on the side table next to the bed. That morning (yesterday) I had seen it there, and after I saw my wife off to work, I went in to get the cell, and it was not there. I figured that it was my wife that had maybe used it or moved it, so never thought anything about it. So I used my land line called my cell number and it rang off. I found the cell on the dryer, and when I went to get it, it fell on a pile of laundry ready to be washed. I bend down to get the phone, and I felt what I could only describe as a hand giving me a fast smack on the bum. I turned and heard a giggle.

Oh the cleverness of that lil' cheeky devil,

More to come soon...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jacobs back

I have shared with you the fact we (my wife and I.) have been living with a ghost child for the last 3 years since we had moved in this house. Well about a month ago, Jacob the ghost child left and we had not seen or heard from him for a long time. that was till last night.

I had spent most of the day moving furniture, cleaning and organizing. so by the time that I was ready for bed, I was very tired. At 11pm I had closed my eyes, and was drifting into a nice dream when suddenly I was awoken to a sound in the kitchen. I got up, went into the kitchen and found to my surprise all the cupboards had been opened, and the refrigerator door was open as well.

I closed all the doors, checked my back door making sure that it is locked, and was getting ready to go back to bed. At first, I was just thinking that I had left everything opened and didn't think anything about it. But, I heard something behind me and my shirt was pulled and a giggle came from behind me. I knew that laugh and knew it was Jacob.

As I turned, I was happy to see Jacob standing in front of me, big smile on his face, and then he vanished.

I went back to bed, and slept soundly till 9am. ...

More on Jacob soon.