Monday, July 28, 2014

Ghost activity and moving.

Just about 20 minutes ago as I was putting some Clothing in Boxes, I heard Heavy Foot steps right behind me. I turned to look if maybe my Wife had came Home, but there was no one there in the Living room. However as I looked down the Hall, I saw a Shadow walking into the Kitchen, then into the Bathroom. I followed quickly into the Bathroom, but again, nothing there.
Now I know that we have a Ghost here in the House. His name is Jacob. He Was 12 when he died of what he said in an EVP "The Wasting." That is now called T.B.
But when he walks around, I barely hear him till he is right next to me. And most of the time  he will flick my ear, or try to hit me on the bum, then runs away laughing.
Jacob is a bit upset I know because of the move. But I did try to tell him that it is better for my wife and I. We feel safer away from this current neighborhood where there has been a couple homicides, drug dealers and the like.
I have invited him to come with us but I haven't heard or seen him since the announcement.
Its going to be a nice move I am sure.
The apartment is centrally located near shops, restaurants within walking distance.
Thanks for reading. More stuff coming soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I know I have not been so active as of lately. I have been so busy writing my stories, and watching Netflix. I am so addicted to it.

So anyway, thought you would like to see some funny pics that I found along the way of my Journeys in the World wide Web.

And when your going way too fast...

Slow down and smell the flowers along the way.

Your journey along the way will be there when your done...

I really love you guys .. My followers and friends..