Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kazookeylele - Ukulele - The Final Countdown - Pockets - Stuart Crout

I must say that I am very  impressed on this one. He has well over 5 million views and It is epic...

New house, old spirits

We are now settling into our new home. Its a small apartment with 2 bedrooms 1 bath and a very nice kitchen and livingroom combo. 

Jacob the Ghost Child that was hanging around the old apartment followed us here. I am glad in one way, but sad in another. 
Happy that he finds us comfortable to be with, but it is sad that he had not moved on. I have told him that he needs to move on and find his parents. So either he could not locate them or he just didn't want to bother looking.

I'll be posting more stuff here in this blog now that we are settled in. 

More Recipes and videos...