Thursday, January 30, 2014

When you been rejected by a Lama

Its so over when your rejected by a Lama. 

Just saying....

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Tonight I made Sushi for the very first time.  OMG it was so good.

So I decided that since it was my first time, I wanted to make sure that it was easy and not involved a lot of prep-work.

What I used was Avacado, mini Peppers, and Spinach.

I made sure that they were cut thin.

Using 2 cups of short grain rice, you want to rinse the rice in a bowl first before cooking. This is done to wash the rice, rice is a bit dusty after all. As you are washing the rice the water will become a bit white, this is some of the starch on the surface of the rice being cleaned off. Repeat with clean water again. 

When you finished rinsing the rice, fill the a pan with the rice, and 3 1/2 cups water.
Then set heat to medium, and cover the rice and cook for about 15-20 minutes checking the rice after 15 minutes first to see if it is done. (Don't over cook it.)

When the rice is done, pour into a bowl.. The pros use a Bamboo bowl, but for now you can use any bowl. (I used a cheap Dollar Store Bowl)

Now what I did... 

Then I mixed in another bowl: 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup water, 2 tsp Sugar

Pouring a bit of the water into the rice 1/4 cup. I then started to cool down the rice by moving my spoon around cutting into the rice. 

Adding a bit more water I continued to cool down the rice. to about 90 F.

Now heres the tricky part...

Since I did not have a bamboo mat, I just had a sheet of Tin foil folded  in half to give it strength. 
I placed the Sushi sheet on the foil, and then took a 1/3 cup of rice, formed into a ball and then pressed it onto the sheet covering most of the sheet except about a 1/2 inch at the top 

Then I began to roll pushing in the middle of the roll and lifting the foil just enough as I roll to keep the foil from rolling into the roll. ( LOL hate tin foil taste)

I then finished up the roll. 

Then again I set about cutting the roll into even portions.


I steamed off some mixed vegetables and put some spices of Garlic, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of salt. along with some chopped Spinach Cause I love my greens.  

And the finished plate....

so try it out. its worth trying to do things by scratch. A sense of accomplishment when something that you never did before actually turned out good. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Updates on hold for a bit.

Sorry for not updating this blog every day. I have been so busy working on my book, and when I do have time, I am writing the rest of my fan-fiction stories. (Star Trek and Harry Potter. (Hmm a cross over?)) 
So until I have a chance to finish I will update this page periodically.

Thanks again for all of the support that you have shown... 

Monday, January 20, 2014

some youtube stuff

hey there all.

I thought that I would share some stuff that I made in the early days of my activity on youtube.
Just some Random #(%* LOL...

This one is star Trek stickman.  A video which I made using a program that lets you animate stick figure. I can't remember the name of the program and I only did this film cause it took so long to animate it that I just gave up. LOL


Now this one has random pictures I found on the net. I do not own any of the images and do not remember where I got them. If they belong to you and you want credit, please let me know. No copy right or Plagiarism intended....

And finally, This video I made as an interesting fact how sometimes people look the same even years apart. Enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed these older videos. I have more and Will share them soon...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

sims house

I thought that I should share a few pics of a couple places I built in Sims3. One last night. and one I made a while ago, though deleted. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Laugh in star gets married

In this day and age, it is so encouraging to see the GBLT community finally getting a voice, and respect that we need.
And to see that stars that had been hiding in the "Closet" Because they were so afraid that they would lose their jobs or career because of coming out.

Lily Tomlin former cast member of the 60's variety show "Laugh-in" it is common knowlage that she had came out a few years ago. However, now she has met the "Girl of her dreams" and that I applaud.

Please read the article at ::

For full details....

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

sugar free chai tea

I love chai tea, but hate having to first brew the chi, then to add splenda, then bring my milk to a nice warm temp, then mix then OMG....

So now Oregan chai has now made a new sugar free version of its popular Liquid chai tea mix. Sweetened with splenda which is great for Diabetics.

Heres a pic... (say click... take a pic.)

I made a cup and omgangnam style it was so good.... MMMM

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Direction news

This was posted originally on google plus from One Direction news.. Please join them if you are a 1D fan..


Love his new hair... LOL

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A true ghost story

A real ghost story

My wife and I had moved into our current home about 6 years ago. From day one I knew there was paranormal activity here in the house and it became very apparent the first night when I was in the shower.
My wife was sitting in the Living room watching tv, while I decided after a long day of unpacking I would take a shower. The plumbing is so strange here. You have to turn the water to straight hot and wait a minute till it gets hot. Then turn it slowly till you get the temp you want. So after I had reached the temperature I wanted I grabbed the shampoo and began to scrub my hair. (What hair I got. :P)
As I rinsed the lather off of my face, I saw the curtain move, and a giggle. I thought it was my wife had came in to check on me, so I moved the curtain so that I could look out. I was surprised to find that she was not in the room. So I closed the curtain and continued my relaxing shower. 
The curtain moved again, and suddenly Clearly I saw the outline of a face pressed against the curtain. It was the face of a kid. I turned off the water and pulled the curtain and just for a moment I saw a figure standing and then it vanished. But he was laughing.
Now, you may think that I would have been scared out of my skin seeing a spirit. But I am not afraid of ghosts, its the living that freaks me out. From a very early age I have always known that there was spirits and paranormal things in this world. I suppose I should write about this here.
When I was about Ten years old, My father was called into work early because one of the men was sick. My mother was in the Hospital because of having some troubles with her hips, and my sister was over at  the next door neighbors.
I had a friend that was over to keep me company, and we had set up a tent with a couple of chairs and the bed sheets draped over them. As we were watching tv and chatting about this that and other stuff, I heard a sound in the hall leading to the bedrooms. (we lived in a trailer)
I looked out and saw my father standing in the hall, half in shadow, but I could see the shirt he had on when he left, and he smiled at me, turned and then sort of faded into the shadows.
The telephone rang, and so I assumed my father would answer it, so I went back under the tent. The phone continued to ring.
I crawled out of the tent again and went right to the phone, calling out to my dad if he was going to answer the phone. I received no answer, so I picked up the phone. It turned out to be my mother.
She told me that my father was involved in an accident at work, and he was in the E.R. My father was Comatose.
I told my mother that I had seen dad here in the trailer no less then a few minutes before she called. My mother being also very open to the idea that there are ghosts and other things, told me that possibly dad had came to say goodbye if he dies.
Course he survived, but never was the same after. He was more addicted to pain killers and Alcohol.
But it was then that I knew that there was things in this world that can not be explained.
Now back to my personal story. I had done some EVP (electric Voice Phenomenon) and gleaned that the ghost is named Jacob. He died of T.B. He died in 1920. Jacob is forever a twelve year old boy.
Jacob is not here all the time. He vanishes and comes back when ever he feels like and not grounded here. I am happy about that.

Harry Potter and the Vampires kiss Part 1

Harry Potter and the Vampires kiss.

Sorry somehow I had deleted this story .. so here is the repost…
Harry Potter: The Vampire’s Kiss
A short fan-fiction story based on the works of JK Rowlings.
*Disclaimer: I do not own nor take claim to the creation of the Characters in this Fan-fiction. No Copyright infringement intended. All rights belongs to JK Rowlings and interested parties. Harry Potter is Trademark of Warner Brothers studio, Schoolastics Publishing Company and owned by JK Rowlings.
His heart raced as he ran down the hill towards the old Whomping Willow. His eyes on the Dark Clocked Figures circling the area. Reaching into his Robes, The man stood at the ready. However, as the Dark Figure swooped down towards two young boys.
Chapter 1: Along the way
The train traveled along the countryside passing farms, and small villages. Sounds from the wheels rattling on the track, and the occasional whistle added to the excitement. The passengers themselves were also excited. Some were returning to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry for the last time, and some for their first. A wizard named Philip Phelomy a second year, is using his wand to lift a box from the top shelf of the cabin, to bring it down to where he is sitting, while Thomas Keller a seventh year read a book, “Haunted England: Great vacation spots to spend with your departed relatives.”
Albus Severus Potter sat with his bother James and their friends, Rose and Fred Weasley, watching the scenery outside the window as it passed by. He was bothered by many thoughts and doubts about himself. He had a talk with his father at platform 9 3/4, but he still worried about another thing.
"Why so silent bro?" James asked.
Albus looked up briefly at his brother then went back to looking at the window. “You might not understand.”
"What?" James questioned, "Did I do something wrong?"
"No its not you exactly - its me." Albus said looking down at his wand that he was still holding.James looked at the wand. "Come on Al, you can tell me."
The train whistle blew and then began to slow down. The students looked around they also knew Hogwarts was still a few hundred miles away. Albus felt relief that he didn’t have to talk about his apparent situation which he did not feel comfortable disguising. However, a sudden cold enveloped around them.
"Bloody hell, what are they playing at turning off the heat." Fred complained.
"Be quiet, I thought I saw something move outside, and it didn’t look friendly." Rose said
The windows began to ice over, and the air bitter cold that the people could see their own breath. A shadow moved in the small passageway outside of the cabin where the friends sat. Albus looked over in horror as he saw a cloaked figure hover near the door, and gasped as he saw that the figure had long boney fingers and long finger nails.
"What is that?" Rose screamed as the creature began to open the door.
"Its a Dementor." Someone screamed in another cabin.
Albus remembered what Harry had told him about Dementor, and also how he was able to get rid of them. Albus raised his wand, and thought of a happiest thought he could ever think of.
"Expecto - Petronum!"
A brilliant white light and mist shot out of Albus’s wand, which formed into a wolf, then chased the Dementor down the corridors and off the train. Applause rose in the train as Albus stood with his wand still extended, and with a bit of a shock on his face for what he was able to do.
Albus’s eyes shifted around under his closed eyelids as the distant voice called.
"Albus we’re here!" Rose shouted this time shaking Albus out of his sleep.
Albus opened his eyes slowly, to see that he was on the train, but he was in a slumped position on the seat, he had fallen asleep with in minutes of leaving Kings Cross station. Albus felt disappointment that the action was just all a dream, and his feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt about his even being a wizard filled his heart again.
All the students were grabbing their belongings, and the conductor was walking up and down the corridors yelling. “Your luggage and other belongings will be unloaded and awaiting you at the school. All passengers are to disembark in an orderly manner and as quickly as possible.”
Albus stayed behind just taking his time, he really did not want to join the rest of his family or the other students, because he doubted his abilities. But just as he started out of the cabin, another voice called after him.
“Albus, wait up!” Said Richard Shacklebolt panting as he caught up with Albus.
“I didn’t know you were still on the train.” Albus said.
“I fell asleep – just woke up. So which house are you hoping to get into?” Richard said a bit out of breath.
“I don’t know…” Albus said with his head facing the ground as they walked. “It – its just I really don’t know if I really am a wizard.”
Richard stopped. “Not a wizard?”
“Look, I haven’t been able to do one bit of magic all my life. I mean – most kids my age are able to ride a broom or they can levitate something. Me - I can’t even make a feather move.” Albus said continuing to walk.
“Me either.” Richard said.
“But, you’re related to the Minister for Magic?” Albus said surprised.
“I don’t know why, but maybe I am a Squib. It does happen sometimes in wizarding families. Mum and dad are squibs, so they didn’t expect a letter from Hogwarts.” Richard said.
Richard and Albus continued down the path from the train, realizing that they had no idea where they were going or where the rest of the students had gone off to until they reached the edge of the forest and a gate.
“Take the path to Hogwarts, do not stray from the path, or go wandering off through the dark forest, be warned.”Richard read from the sign.
Albus and Richard just stood there a moment looking down the dark path. “I’m not going in their, not without a lamp.” Albus said.
“Have your parents ever shown you how to use your wand as a torch?” Richard asked.
“Mum and dad are so busy with the ministry that they just don’t have a lot of time to teach us kids magic, they just assumed that all of us can do magic and just has us teach ourselves. Mum is always giving us books on the history of magic or her old school books.” Albus said sounding a bit bitter.
“Well at least you got books, I get Correspondence letters from the school for Squibs. I - “
“Oy you there, why are you not with the rest of the students?” A giant of a man towering over the two boys said in a rough voice.
Richard turned white as a sheet seeing the giant, but Albus smiled. “Hello Hagrid, alright there?”
“Never ben better, bu – Albus, what are you doing way out here?” Hagrid asked.
“We just was late getting off the train. And now we are too afraid to walk through the forest to get to the school.” Albus said.
“Tis nothing in these woods going to bother you as long as I am with ya I can promise that, and if we stick to the trails.” Hagrid said with a grin.
The boys nodded and opened the gate. Hagrid went first reaching into his Yak Skin Coat, and taking out a rather long wand.
A brilliant light glowed from the tip of Hagrid’s wand. “Follow me close, and stay to the path.”
Hagrid did not have to tell the boys twice as they traveled so close to him, they may well have been just piggy-back riding on him. The Forrest thick with trees, low hanging vines and branches. Some trees had fallen, and green moss had grown on top. Ferns and other shrubbery also scattered about the area.
Albus and Richard gazed from one side to the other, first facinated by all the sights in the forrest, but also they watched the shadows that seemed to dance in the background. Albus gasped and stopped.
“What?” Richard asked.
“There – over by that other tree, is that a man or a horse?” Albus asked.
The figure moved slowly towards the trio and stopped as he came into focus in the light from Hagrid’s wand.
“Demetrius, you scared us half to death.” Hagrid said.
“Sorry Hagrid, I should have let you know it was me approaching.” The Centaur said.
Hagrid slightly smiled, “Alrigh’ then, no harm really done. What brings you to this side of the forest?”
“Word has it that there are -” Demetrius paused and looked at the two young boys. “Er – who is this?”
Hagrid looked down at the two boys. “Sorry about that. This one is – er.”
“I – I’m Richard Shacklebolt sir.” Richard said his voice faltering.
“An’ this strapping young lad is none other then Harry Potter’s son Albus Severus.” Hagrid said with a bit of pride in his voice as he introduced Albus.
The Centaur looked at the boys and then smiled, “Great honor to meet the both of you.”
“We need to get going Hagrid, the opening feast might be starting.” Albus said holding his stomach.
“Then I shall not delay you any further. I can give you both a ride to the castle quicker than walking if you wish?” Demetrius offered.
“What about Hagrid?” Richard asked.
“Don’ worry about me, I may look big, but I can run just as fast as this Centaur, maybe a bit faster.” Hagrid said with a laugh.
Albus and Richard climbed onto Demetrius’s back.
“Hold on to my mane.” Demetrius said and then feeling their hands on his hair, the Centaur shot off quickly down the path. Hagrid smiled, looked around and then Disaprated.
The cool breeze as the boys rode on the Centaur felt great, neither one of them had ever rode a horse before, or a broom for that matter. The feeling of freedom engulfed them as they sped through the forest. Finally reaching the edge of the forest, the Centaur slowed down then came to a stop.
“This is as far as I can go, Hagrid should be here in a moment to take you the rest of the way into the castle.” Demetrius said with a smile. “Good luck and may the stars always guild you.”
Albus and Richard climbed off of the Centaur’s back, and then stood watching the Centure riding off swiftly back into the forest. They both turned to face the great Castle at the top of the hill. The massive structure loomed over the cliff and its great towers scrapped the moon lite sky.
“Oy, what took you both so long, I had me a spot of tea.” Hagrid said sipping on a cup of tea. “Recon we best get you to the castle.”
The trio made their way to the top of the hill, then entered a side entrance. A long hallway lead past a tower clock, which showed that they had nearly ten minutes to get to the great hall. The three traveled down one corridor to another, to yet another and finally to a maze of stairs.
Stairs which moved around and did not stay in one place. Albus knew about these stairs from what his brother and his father had told him.
“The trick is, to concentrate on where you want to go, and then watch the stairs, and get on one that is heading the way you want to go.” James said to Albus one time.
Chattering filled the chamber as Hagrid, Albus and Richard entered the main Lobby. Students were lined up the stairs waiting to be told it was time to enter the Great Hall, and to begin the sorting ceremony. Albus is in awe of the castle, from its marble stairs, to all the paintings which lined the walls. The many Fire pots and Candle Chandeliers, illuminating light and warmth.
“Albus – up here!” James called from the top of the stairs.
Albus turned to Hagrid. “Thank you Professor.”
“Tis nuffin. You’re not the first Potter to have to be watched over, suspect won’t be the last.” Hagrid said giving a wink. Then Hagrid walked down another corridor. “See you up stairs in a moment.”
Albus and Richard rushed up the stairs past a few other students waiting along the walls. Albus smiled as he reached the top. However Albus’s brother is not smiling.
“Where have you been?” James asked, his voice a bit rough and condensending.
“We got Separated, and we met Hagrid at the dark forest. Then we met a Centaur named Demetrius who gave us a ride to the gate at the edge of the forest.” Albus explained.
A woman dressed in a Pea Green robe and matching hat with a peacock feather jotting out of the side came out of a door. Head Mistress Minerva MacGonagle, is a brilliant Witch, who has earned every wrinkle on her face, and every stran of gray hair on her head. MacGonagle, her lips peirced together tightly as if she had a lemon in her mouth said nothing for a moment, but then she took in a deep breath of air.
“The Sorting ceremony will begin shortly. I ask all of you to form an orderly line. When you enter the great hall, you will respect the sancuary by not speaking loudly until the meal has began, then you may converse.”
McGonagle lead the students into the two large doors, and into the great hall. It was a great hall which should have been called the Grand Hall. Tall walls lined with fire places, wood chair railings, Long oak tables and benches. Above a bewitched ceiling looked like the night sky, complete with swirling galaxies, and shooting stars. Suspended in the air were hundreds of candles all burning brightly, but there were no wax melting anywhere.
“When I call your name, you will come up to the front of the group and I will place the sorting hat on your head. You shall then be sorted into your new house. The houses are, Gryfindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Your house is like your family. If you do well, you will gain points, misbehave, and you shall lose points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points win the House cup.” Mcgonagle explained.
“Alistar Aderson.” McGonagle called out the first student to be sorted.
Alistar shakes as he climbs onto the small stool in the middle of the room. McGonagle places the old ratty hat on the first year’s head. Patches and frayed ends decorated the hat, from so many heads, and so much action during the years.
“Slytherin!” the hat said without even taking time.
“Great Merlin’s Beard!” Alistar exclaimed. “My mum is going to kill me.” he said as he climbed down and took his place at the Slytherin table.
“Oliver Lay.”
Oliver got Hufflepuff. So it went some went to each of the houses until it was Albus’s turn. Albus approached the seat and turned toward the crowd already staring at him. The name of Potter means so much to the school, and now two Potters to attend the school means great respect.
“Ah- another Potter. are you going to be as difficult as your brother before? Or are you going to be even more difficult like your father.” The hat said.
“My father said that you will take in consideration our wish. I wish to be in Gryfindor like my father.” Albus said.
The hat sat quite for a moment, which felt like an eternity. “You are going to be as your father. So better be, Gryfindor!”
The Gryfindor table erupted with applause, and James shouted out, “We got my brother!” making the table applaud even louder. Albus blushed as he sat down in the seat next to his brother.
“Told you would make it to Gryfindor.” James said patting Albus on the back lightly.
McGonagle smiled and then her face became strict. “If you do mind, we do have other first years to sort.”
The students calmed down, 1then McGonagle smiled slightly. “Thank you, and Potter, welcome to Hogswarts.” Looking down at her list, she smiled slightly again as she called up the last person. “Last but not least, Richard Shacklebolt.”
All eyes were on Richard, after all, Richard being rlated to the Minister for magic says something about the wizard. Richard sat down on the stool.
“Well aren’t we a different one. I’ve placed Werewolves, Wizards, Witches, even a Warlock, but never a -” The Hat began.
“Please, please don’t reveal my secret please.” Richard whispered.
“Against my better judgment, I shall place you where you can be among people that are more accepting of wizards and witches that are different. Better be – Gryfindor!”
The Gryfindor table applauded as Richard walked down to join their table. Albus patted Richard’s back, “Well done.”
McGonagle smiled and place the hat back into its box, and waved her wand and both the chair and the hat moved out of the way. “Now that is taken care of, I want to welcome all of you to a new year of Hogwarts. I know for some, this is your last year, and course for our new students, it is your first time. However, I do have some announcements that you must be aware of.”
The room filled with a bit of a rumble of people chatting to each other as to what kind of rules were going to be put in place this year. McGonagle Continued.
“All students are not allowed to do Magic within the halls or corridors - “
“Professor excuse me?” Rose said raising her hand into the air.
“Yes Miss Granger – I mean Miss Weasley. You do look a lot like your mother.” McGonagle said.
“Thank you Professor, but I am wondering, how does one practice magic at a school if one is not allowed to use magic in a school?” Rose asked.
McGonagle rolled her eyes. “The reason should be clear Miss Weasley. You have hundreds of students going through a corridor and you preform a levitation spell, and a students gets lifted into the air. In the common room, you have a bit more control of the surroundings.”
. The Dark forest is strictly forbidden.” McGonagle paused looking at Rose Weasley, then continued. “There shall not be any use of magic for retaliation, revenge or malice of any kind. If there is any of this, the student involved shall be Ex spelled and their wand broken in half. We are civilized magical people, and we will not use magic for those purposes.” “Now, there is a curfew and all students must be in their House common room by Ten O’ clock sharp. However saying that, you may stay up as late as you need for your studies, and I must repeat studies or assignments. I do not want to hear from our perfects that the students are spending the night acting like a band of Baboons.”
The room filled with snickers and laughs even though it was not ment to be funny, it was just the way McGonagle said it. Even McGonagle had a laugh at what she said.
“I know you are very hungry after a long trip here on the train, so I will not delay the excelent meal planned.” McGonagle raised her hand and wand, “Let the feast begin.”
Food appeared on the gold plates, and Pumpkin Juice filled the Goblets. Roast chicken, turkey to be carved, and a brisket of beef. Potatoes of all sorts, boiled, baked, mashed and with cheese. Yorkshire pudding, with beef gravy and Mashy Peas.
The students ate like they had not ate for days, filling their plates three to for times, yet when the main meal was finished, that food vanished, and an array of deserts took their place. Puddings, Trifles, Spotted Richard, and rock cakes. Lemon tarts were James favorite, while Albus fancied the Chocolate dipped strawberrys, and the Gummy wands.
Mcgonagle sat in her chair enjoying her meal when the huge double doors at the entrance flew open and an out of breath Hagrid came busting in.
“Professor! Dementors!” Hagrid said then looked as if he was petrifide in one spot. “Oh dear -”
The students looked up at where Hagrid was looking, and saw a dark cloud of cloaks hovering at the open window over the teachers tables. Screams from the students as they tried to get out of their seats and rushed towards the door.
“Stay where you are and no one will be harmed!” McGonagle said in a reassuring voice.
The Dementors moved among the students slowly, looking at each one of them with intense stares. One particularly looked at Albus intensely, Then as they appeared, they all left quickly. The students gave a collective sigh, relieved that the Dementors were gone. McGonagle stood up, “We will find out more of why the Dementors were here on school grounds, however in the meantime, be assured that if they show up again, you have nothing to fear if you are on your best behavior. Now off to bed.”
The students left the Great Hall scared that more Dementors would be waiting for them outside in the hallways and corridors. Albus was clearly shaken by this, he had never seen a Dementor before, and hoped this would be the last.
“We need to meet in my office now.” McGonagle said to her staff.
Chapter 2: The moment of truth.
Albus. Followed the group of Gryfindor students down one corridor to another. Finally emptying out to the stairs that move. Walking up a flight of stairs, the stairs moved up then to the right. The stairs then. Moved again to the left, then to the right. Albus along with some of the students that were on the stairs felt dizziness. And weak. “Is there a way to make this bleeding stairs stop moving?” Albus complained.
"Honestly," rose said. "Do you even read. In the history of Hogwarts it says that the stairs are bewitched so to confuse those who may come to the castle and get lost in the stairs till staff arrives."
The students looked at rose and snickered. ALBUS THOUGH he tried to keep it all in, but could not. Albus laughed the hardest. “Rose, it is clear that you take after your mother.”
"Thank you." Rose said considering the remark as compliment.
The stairs finally settled and the students disembarked at the landing. The head boy, Davis Miles, looked at the portrait of a Knight, “mischief sabotage.”
The Knight bowed and the painting swung open.
The students went through a small portal which leads to a rather large room called the Common room. Chairs, tables and a large fireplace with many couches in front of it. Bookcases stuffed with books, Nick Knacks from other students who had made them in their spare time.
Albus, James and Richard sat down on a couch facing a warm and inviting fire.
"Bloody hell. I thought I would never be happy again!” Fred said in a depressed voice.
Albus sat looking at the fire, “I think it knew I can’t do magic.” he whispered under his breath.
“That is about enough of that.” James said and then stood up.
Walking over to the table, James took a jar, and then waved his wand. A blue fire ball floated inside the jar. James then poured out the fire onto his hand then Cupped it with his other hand. James looked up at Albus and smiled. Then with others watching with interest, he blew into his hand, and removed his hand and a blue bird appeared and flew out of his hand.
The students applauded James for his clever trick. James called Albus over to join him at the table. “Now I want you to do the very same thing as I did, only I want you to make a white dove appear.”
“James, how can I do something that I don’t know how to do!” Albus said imbarrested.
“Do you want people to think that the son of Harry Potter, the great Auror, is a Squib?” James said in a mocking tone.
Albus became angry, “I – am – not – a – squib!”
Suddenly the candles flickered as Albus glaired at his brother in anger. A wind began to blow inside the room sending papers flying in the air, and books rose up as if caught in the invisible tornato.
“Stop it!” Rose shouted.
Albus blinked and the wind died down, the papers and books fell to the ground. People were looking at Albus with fear. Albus was breathing hard and a tear formed in his eye. “Why, why did you get me so angry.”
“I had to provoke you brother, I had to prove to you that you are a wizard, and a thumping good one I wager.” James said putting his hand out. “I am sorry did that.”
Albus looked at James hand, and then he took hold of it reluctantly. “Never do that again – please. I have never felt like that before, and I don’t like it.”
James nodded and the brothers quickly hugged. The other students understanding what was happening, rose up and applauded Albus. “Way to go Albus, way to go.”
Suddenly the portrat opened again and McGonagle came in looking particularly white with fear as she moved in to the room. “I am checking on if all of you are alright. I do not understand, but all of the fires, torches, and candles had been blown out by a strange wind.” McGonagle stopped and looked around the room at the mess of papers, books and feathers scattered around the room.
James and Albus stood silent, they were not going to give up the information that it was Albus that had caused the mess. But McGonagle looked straight at Albus and shook her head. “I should have known you two were involved. What spell did you do?”
James stammered, “I – I provoked Albus to get angry, and it was his anger that had caused this mess.”
“But – I could not cause all of the lights in the entire Caslte to go out – could I?” Albus said worried.
McGonagle glared at James and Albus for a moment. The two brothers felt as if dagers were being shot out of her eyes right into them as she stared at them with no words. McGonagle then raised her wand “Repairo!” she said.
All of the mess in the room straightened up. Books back on the shelves, papers back to a neat stacks on the tables, and quills back in the ink wells. McGonagle then looked back at the brothers, and then turned to leave. “I hope that both of you will learn that it is too dangerous to provoke anger. One can not control what one dose, someone could get seriously injured.” With that, she left.
The brothers looked at each other. “From now on, we pact that we will not ever get each other mad again.”
Richard stood up from his chair and headed straight away to the Boys Dorm. “I could sleep a hundred years.” he said climbing the stairs.
“That sounds like a good idea.” James said.
The students made their way up the stairs to their dorms. Richard was already there getting ready for bed. Standing shirtless and in his Pajama bottoms, he became aware that some people were looking at him, and it did not feel comfortable.
“What is that on your back Richard?” James asked pointing to a Dark red mark,
Richard grabbed a shirt, “its just a birth mark.” He said putting on the night shirt.
Albus also noticed something about richard he never saw before. “What happened to your neck by your shoulder, looks like you got bit?”
Richard again became very uncomfortable. “Yeah, I – er – had a dog bite me.” he said pushing up the collar. He then climbed into bed and waved his wand closing the curtains.
The rest of the students went to bed closing their curtains around their beds, and with in a few minutes, a few snores and that was that.
The moon shown bright over the Castle, as a figure moved through the obvervatory tower. He looked out at the moon lite loch and then lifted his arms. The figure transformed into a bat, and flew out into the night unaware he had been witnessed by a student out of bed, the student Albus Potter.
The sun rose the next morning with everyone of the Gryfindors yawning and stretching as they climbed out of their beds. Albus looked over at Richards bed, the curtains still closed. James and Ernie Regavante a 2nd year, was about to open Richard’s curtain.
“No!” Albus said. “I mean, let him sleep in a bit.”
The two boys smiled and ran off out of the dorm. Albus gulped in air. He then walked over to Richard’s bed, and slowly opened one of the curtains. He gasped.
Richard was laying with his hands folded over his shoulders. Red liquid oozed out of Richard’s mouth. Richard’s eyes shot open suddenly as a beam of light came through the small opening. Richard then hissed at Albus his teeth sharp and saliva dripped off of the edge of the teeth.
Albus closed the curtains quickly and ran as fast as he could out of the Dorm and into the common room. Albus had never seen such a sight before, and hoped he was just imagining things as he heard footsteps descending the stairs. Albus turned to see it was Richard, he had on his robes. Richard looked at Albus, and then walked on out of the common room, not saying a word, but he did nod at Albus.
Albus rushed out of the common room and out to the corridors. He could not find Richard anywhere, and he became nervous about what he knew, and what would Richard do to him to keep the secret. Running down the hall, Albus turned a corner to run right into something cold.
“Hello?” A Ghost said.
Albus stood back, he had never met a ghost, though he has heard that there were ghosts in Hogswarts. Albus shivered. “Hello.” he managed to say with his teeth chattering.
“I’m Sir Nicolas.” The ghost said.
“I’m Albus Potter.”
“Potter you say?” Nicolas said as he thinks about the name. “You wouldn’t be related to one Harry Potter?”
“Yes sir. He is my father. Do you know him?” Albus said with almost a puffed up pride in his voice.
“Why yes I do in deed. He is one of the greatest Wizards in the world. If you excuse me though, I am going to be late for a meeting with the Headless hunt.” Nicolas said as he floated off.
“Greatest Wizards in the world?” Albus repeated to himself. “What made him say that. I mean I know Dad was in the war, but…” Albus stopped talking to himself as he realized that there was a painting of a man tending some sheep was looking with great alarm.
Albus rushed down the corridor and finally into the great hall. The hall was packed with students, staff and some adults he had not seen before. However among the people, there was one particular man he knew very well, his own father.
McGonagle tapped her glass goblet with her spoon, the sound reverberated off of the stone walls and floor. “Your attention please.” she said.
All students, staff and guests fell silent. McGonagle continued. “I am aware that there is a confusion as to why there are so many people here in the great hall. If you recall last night with the Dementors visiting our Feast, I had contacted the Minister for magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. He has graciously offered to come here himself to explain what the situation is.” McGonagle said pointing toward the minister.
Kingsley got up from his seat and walked to the podium. “Thank you Headmisteress. Let me make it very clear. All of you students are not in any danger what so ever. However, we the Ministry has it on reputable sources that a vampire has been spotted in this area, and we have been trying to find out where he is, what he is doing here.”
The students murmured and talked among themselves for a moment then calmed down. Shacklebolt continuing. “We the ministry shall conduct the investigation with the help with the Office of the Aura, and with the office of dangerous Creatures to seek this Vampire out. He has already claimed five victims in the last three days. They are quite well thank Merlin, this Vampire only drinks enough blood but never kills his Victem.”
Once again the room echoed the fear and concern of the students. Richard sat silent with his back turned against the minister, writing something on a piece of parchment. Albus looked down at the parchment and realized that Richard was writing a suiside letter. Richard put his pen down, and rose up from his seat.
“Sorry, I have to use the loo.” he said quickly and began to dash out of the Great hall with other students looking at him.
“I’ll go with him, just to make sure he is alright with that Vampire loose and all.” Albus said then rushed after Richard.
Albus caught up with Richard at the moving stairs. “Richard, please wait – I want to talk to you.”
Richard turned to Albus with a tears falling down his cheek. “What would you want to talk to me about, nothing matters any more.”
“Everything matters, I know your secret – but I won’t tell anyone.” Albus said trying to catch up with Richard as they climb the stairs.
“If you knew my secret, you would not want to be around me. I am dangerous as Shacklebolt said. I would rather have you as a meal.”
“You wouldn’t.” Albus said firmly.
Richard stopped. “You’re either brave, or you’re stupid. I could kill you, right now and it wouldn’t make a difference to me.”
“You wouldn’t.” Albus repeated.
“Why not, it would be so easy.” Richard said threatening.
“Because your my friend, and friendship matters more than anything.” Albus said.
Richard continued up the stairs towards the observatory. Albus still right behind him. The boys passed by paintings with the people watching them. The air grew colder and colder as they reached the observatory, colder as they walked out onto the deck.
“So thats it, you’re just going to fling yourself over the rail. Give up on your life just because your a Vampire. Go on then - I care about you so much, I always consider you like a brother. Yes I have James, but you have always been there for me. I don’t care if your a Vampire. I want my friend Richard Shacklebolt Vampire and all.” Albus said then turned away from Richard. “Its your choice.”
Richard stood for a moment, looking over the rail. He took the knife he had in his hand, then looked at Albus. Richard threw the knife as hard as he could letting it fly across the lake and it landed in the middle of the loch.
Albus turned to see Richard standing crying. He walked over and embraced his friend. “You owe me big.” he said with a smile.
“I will repay you brother. I offer you this gift. Become one with me, an eternal creature.” Richard said.
Albus stood back. “A Vampire?”
Albus blinked, he has never been faced with such a choice in his entire life. Albus was named after two great wizards according to his father, but I am sure that they have never faced such a choice.
“Thank of it, never to die. You will never worry about being hurt in a fight with another wizard or Muggle.” Richard said.
Chapter 3: Life is but a dream
Albus glanced down at the lake below, then to the sky thinking how it would be like to transform from human into a bat and fly under his own power. He also thought about how it would be to never to taste death which all wizards, witches or even Muggle has faced. Albus thought about his own father, and the tales that he shared of having survived not once, but three attacks of the Death curse.
“What say you now. I give you this gift freely, but you must choose.” Richard said in a soft voice.
“I -” Albus paused. “I choose to be one with you.” Albus said.
Richard smiled and approached Albus slowly. Pulling out a vile, Richard handed it to Albus. “This potion is made from my blood. Drink and you shall live for an eternity.”
Albus took the vile, looked at the Crimson fluid ebb and flow inside the bottle. Albus opened the lid, and smelled the contents. There was a sweet stickiness about the potion, and Albus closed his eyes and Drank the contents of the vile. Albus immediately doubled under, and fell to the floor screaming. “Its – burning!”
Richard rushed to his fallen friend and put his arms around his shoulders. “The pain will pass my friend, and soon you shall join me.”
“Albus!” Harry shouted rushing toward his son. “What happened?”
“Sir, Albus chose to join with me on my Journey in Darkness.” Richard said.
“What do you mean?” Harry said.
“He will become a Vampire soon as his heart stops.”
“Merlin’s beard! Are you mad?” Harry said in anger. “Your a child, not a Vampire.”
Richard stood a moment, but his face became angry. Eye brows gave pointed down, and extended out, Eyes turned from blue into Red, blood seemed to swirl inside the cornea. Harry looked at Richard’s eyes. But then Richard opened his mouth, and fangs protruded as saliva dripped down the sides of the fangs to the floor.
“You are a Vampire.” Harry said surprised.
“Father?” Albus said.
Harry looked down at his son. “I am here. Albus I am so sorry I have not been with you that much.”
Albus reached up his hand and put his finger on Harry’s lips. “Nothing matters. I - “ Albus began to caugh “I -”
A distant whistle blew and Albus looked around, “Is that a train?”
Another blast from the whistle and a sudden lerch in the train as it slowed down, woke Albus out of his dream. He glanced around with wild eyes, and his breathing heavy. James was staring at Albus with concern.
“Wake up bro, we are just pulling into Hogsmead.” James said reaching up to grab a rucksack.
Albus glanced out the window and could see the lights of Hogsmead becoming brighter as the train traveled closer to the all Wizarding town. The train slowed down, steam raised outside the window, which was already starting to fog up because of the rain outside.
“Hogsmead, everyone off the train.” The conductor shouted.
“Grab you rucksack, you need to meet up with Hagrid, and the other first years. I’ll see you in the great hall for dinner.” James said as he rushed down the corridor.
Albus shrugged and grabbed his rucksack, and then exited the cabin. Albus now felt even more confused because he had not done any magic at all. Everything was just a dream.
Albus walked by a cabin and it was Richard still asleep. Albus decided now would be a good time to try something simple. He walked up slowly to Richard, raised his wand.
Water came out of his wand and sprayed onto Richard’s face. Albus was pleased that he could do magic, but Richard was not. Richard’s eyes opened quickly. Albus jumped back as he saw Richards eyes were blood red. Richards mouth opened and his teeth protruded.
Life is but a dream… But is the dream reality, and reality is the dream.
To be continued….