Sunday, November 6, 2011

Active spirits

How can I even begin to describe the other day. I had a dream of a house I had never been to, had never seen before, but there was something familiar about the place. I was checking out the house when I felt something grab my legs, and was pulling me down to the ground. When i woke, i felt my blood sugar was bombing down, and I saw Jacob at the end of the bed and he had hold of my legs.

He had a concerned expression on his face, and he said, "Check blood..." then vanished.
my blood sugar was only 40. for those that are not in the know about blood sugars.

at 40 you are at risk of a coma
at 30 you are at risk of death.

anything under your are 6 feet under.

If it wasnt for jacob waking me up, I would be floating around forever and leaving my wife alone as a wid0w.

Thank you Jacob.

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