Monday, March 9, 2015

And then I said, "That's not a pig, thats my wife!"

Hey there all...

This is a great day. Why? Because it is Monday, and we have 4 more days till the weekend LOL.

So what has been happening so far?

Well first, I have to share with you a great experience I had the other night. (No not that.)

I was very tired after a good long work out. Taking a Melanin sleep aid, I laid down for a good nights sleep. However, as I always like doing is read a book. lately I been hooked on Harry Potter: The Goblet of fire. I am now at chapter 5.
I closed the book because I kept on falling asleep and the book would hit me in the face. 
As I fell asleep, I felt a warm hand on my face. I thought it was my wife, and I removed my night mask. She was sound asleep.
I then heard clearly, "I must go." it was the voice of the Ghost Jacob.
I smiled and bid him fair well. 
This morning I woke after the most soundest sleep I have ever had in a long time.
Really not sure if this has anything to do with Jacob leaving. Because I have been very open for him to use my energy to manifest himself. 
So anyway, I just had Lunch. (White castle Burgers.) that was pretty dang good.
Now waiting for my wife to show up.

I have more writing done on my Harry Potter Fan-fiction, and will be posting it soon.


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  1. I wondered why Jacob hasn't been mentioned lately. Is he really gone? I miss Francis. But I still have my canine pack around me, and others who pop in as needed.