Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playfull spirit update for Aug 7 2010

Hi all...

Last night I was working on editing my book, (which incidently, in process of being published as soon as I get this editing finished thank you very much.) it was about 2 am when I heard some noises coming from the kitchen. From my vantage point in the office / dinning room, I could see straight in the kitchen and could see clearly a pile of clothing on the dryer. Now, I know what your thinking, why would I have a pile on the dryer and not put it away? It is simply because I am a bit lazy at times LOL. (ANYWAY...)

I saw a couple shirts lift off of the pile, and hurled into the hallway. This was not as you may be thinking of clothes just falling off the pile, they were litterally lifted up into the air hovered a moment, and then they were thrown.

I got up, went into the kitchen, and picked up the clothes. I asked Jacob if he was just playing, or if he was upset. Clear as day, I heard "I'm upset." So I took out my cellphone, it has a camera on it, and a digital recorder, and I started to take pictures. And, then asked him why he was upset. The digital recorder picked up, "I want to go home." I asked why he felt he was stuck here, when most times, he can leave and go where ever he wants. but there was no response to my question.

Going back to the office area, I began to write and I then heard a giggle, and clearly in my ear I heard, "see you later." Everything went quiet, and in a strange way, I have a feeling he may have found away to go home. I am not sure if that meant that he won't be back, or if it means that he will be back if he can.

I'll write more about Jacob soon as I have more activity. Till then, take care, and check out my other sites.



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