Saturday, August 7, 2010

Upset spirit

Hi all...

Well, Jacob my ghost child was a bit upset last night. It was about 2am, I was working on editing a story for my website, and also editing a manuscript for a book that I hope to get finished writing soon thank you very much. My computer is sitting in the dining room which at this point I use as my office.

In the kitchen, we have our washer and dryer and on the dryer, there was a load of lundry that was clean and ready to be put away. I was planing on putting it way this morning which I still have yet to do. As I sat here in the chair, I heard some noises in the kitchen, sounds of banging pots and pans in the drain rack, and feet scuffling. A couple of shirts lifted straight up into the air, and flew right into the hallway a good 10 feet away from the dryer.

I went in, and took my digital recorder with me. As soon as I got in the kitchen, I started to ask if it was Jacob, and what was the matter. I got a clear response which said, "I want to go home." I asked why he was stuck, but did not get any response. I went back to the computer after saying that I was sorry that I could not help him.

A few minutes later, I heard a giggle, and then a cool breeze came around me. It was very warm in the apartment even with the fan going, but this was a really nice coolness to it, and then in my ear I heard, "See you later." and the everything went quiet.

I am not sure if that meant that he was gone for good, (hope not. I actually like the lil spirit.) or that he found a way to go home for a while, and then will be back.

I'll keep you all informed....

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