Friday, November 29, 2013


Our Ghost Jacob is at it again. The other night I was making dinner. Placing the beaters for the hand mixer on the counter, I turned my attention towards the pot of potatoes.
As I drained the Potatoes, the beaters fell to the floor. Now at first I was thinking that I had just put them on the counter in a way that allowed them to fall. So I continued to drain the Potatoes, and then let them sit in the strainer for a few minutes. (best way to get fluffy mash.) 
I bent over to pick up the beaters, but as I did, I felt something on the small of the back.
My pants were taken down, and the cheeky Monkey giggled and ran off.
Its my fault entirely because I allow him to just be a kid. Yes he is a ghost, but I let him enjoy the after life as much as possible.

I told a friend about this, and she suggested that I put some ground rules that I am not to be touched or my wife. And that he is not to be scaring us. But again, I feel that he should be allowed to do what he would like. He never hurts us with his pranks, and sometimes they are down right funny.

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