Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dylan Sprous nudie

A week ago or so.. The internet was a buzz with the fact that a leaked Picture of Dylan Sprouse had made a selfie / nudie.  Now though he is over 21 yo, the controversy surrounds the fact that he is a "Disney kid" and that fans of him were shocked to see the images.
What is more controversial to me is, According to Dylan, he sent it in confidence to a friend who then leaked it out. This is the only thing that really matters.

Did this idiot send it out of spite of the the actor?

Did this guy do it for money?

No matter what the reason, it caused Dylan more then embarresment, but his own doubt about what people think of him now.

here is what he said on his website.

(picture removed out of respect) 

My thoughts...  Dylan will always be a great man. And I applaud him for his courage.

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