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Fanfiction- incomplete to be continued

Star Trek Fan Fiction (incomplete)

I thought I would post this as a  bit of a teaser of a story I am working on.
I have just Chapter 1 and 2 done, and working on the rest.. I’ll post that soon.
Star Trek : The Guardian
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. No copyright infringement intended. I do not claim or other wise make claim to the Characters or the ownership of such characters depicted in this work of Fan-fiction. All rights still belongs to Paramount Pictures and their parties.
This story is based on the JJ Abrams reboot storyline.
Chapter 1: Longing for home.
Chekov stood at the main observation window, peering out at the dark foreboding reaches of space. His Heart yearning for his home world of Earth, and his homeland of Mother Russia. Though the Enterprise is now his home, and he has settled well as one of its crew, he still wishes that he had never joined Star Fleet. Chekov walked reluctantly back to his seat as Navigator, and began the Calculations for Standard Orbit around an M Class Planet.
“Captain on the bridge.” Spock said as he walked from Science Station to stand next to his Captain and Friend.
“Thank you Mister Spock.” Captain Kirk said as he sat down in his chair. “Mister Sulu, how soon are we going to be in orbit?”
Sulu shot a look over at Chekov. “As soon as our Navigator stops day dreaming and gets me the calculations.”
“Day Dreaming?” Kirk asked.
“Sorry Capt’n. I was thinking of home.” Chekov said. “I have sent the information to Commander Sulu.”
“Confirmed Captain.” Sulu said and entered the data into the Helm.
The Enterprise turned slightly to the Starboard. The impulse engines hummed as Sulu aimed the Ship into a Synchronous orbit timing the planets speed and plotting a central point where the Landing crew will do their exploration.
“Synchronous orbit achieved Captain.” Sulu reported.
“Mister Spock, short range scans?” Kirk said looking at the strange colored planet.
The planet, a dark Blood red color, with spots of black swirling clouds. Spock ran the short range scan looking at his monitor.
“Scans indicate an Atmosphere consistent with a Class M Planet. Solid surface and land masses. There are also bodies of water which would suggest the possibility of life.” Spock finished his report.
Kirk signed a duty roster, and then got up from his seat. “I want a landing Party of Spock, Doctor McCoy and myself.”
Spock raise his eyebrow, “Captain, may I quote General orders 15. No Flag officers may beam to a planets surface without armed Security.”
“Very well then, three armed security officers.” Kirk said then smiled.
Spock was not amused. But then if he was, could anyone really tell? Spock joined Kirk in the turbo life, and Commander Sulu took the Con.
“Oh Sulu, don’t go chasing a quasar while I’m gone. We are still paying off the last repairs.” Kirk said as the Turbo doors closed. Kirk was referring to the last adventure the crew was on which nearly killed them.
Sulu sat at the con and looked out at the planet. He wished he was part of the landing party, but he knew his place was there on the bridge. “Maintain Synchronous orbit.”
“Aye Commander.” Ensign Abrams said.
Chekov looked at the clock and realized that he was off now off duty. He was curious about the planet below, and wanted to join the search party so desperately. “Commander Sulu, according to my duty schedule, I am due for time off. I am going to head to my quarters.” He said getting up from his seat.
“Have a good night Pavel, I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens while your sleeping away in la la land.” Sulu said and then smiled.
Chekov smiled and headed to the turbo lift. He looked out the door as they closed and waited two seconds. “Transporter room 1.” The lift hummed and took the Ensign to the level he requested.
“Sir, scans show a windstorm picking up around the targeted site. I suggest wearing Environ-suit.”
Kirk nodded at the Chief Engineer. “Where would I be without you Scotty.”
“Bouncing off some Supernova at maximum warp.” Scotty said with a wide smile.
Kirk and the rest of the landing party worked on putting on their Environ-suits. Chekov entered the Transporter room.
“Sir, request permission to join you on the away team.” Chekov said. “After all, I am chief of Security no?”
“You are, and permission granted. Suit up Ensign.” Kirk said patting Chekov on the back.
Chekov smiled as he grabbed a suit. He had no problems with slipping into the tight suit quickly because of his thin body. While the other’s had a bit of a challenge with their muscular frames.
Finally after a minute or two, the whole landing party stood on the Transporter pad. Kirk waited for Scotty to make the modifications for the suits. Scotty nodded.
“Energize.” Kirk ordered.
Commander Scott touched the controls and watched the team dematerialize in a blaze of swirling lights. The team vanishes.
Chapter 2: A twist of fate.
The wind blew harsh across the flat valley. Only just a few hills in the distance to give contrast to the desolate desert. The soil a strange blue sand, and with the contrasting Red sky, hurt Kirks eyes as they materialized. The visor automatically adjusted for the light, transforming the plain clear transparent aluminum to a soft blue hue.
Spock took out his Tri-corder. Kirk stood looking out at the horizon to the distant mountain, making a mental note to take mineral samples of the soil if different spots on the planet. Chekov took out his Tri-corder and walked around the perimeter looking at the strange rock formations.
“Spock any idea of what the soil is made of?” Kirk asked.
“I can not tell without taking samples back to the ship for analysis. However if I were to take a guess, I would say the material seems to be Silica, Common sand, but with a chemistry which causes the blue color.” Spock said scooping up some of the soil and placing it into a vile.
“Captain…” Chekov shouted.
Kirk, Spock and McCoy rushed over to where Chekov was standing. In front of the men was a blue rock formation with a great circular hole in the middle of the stone. Spock raised his eyes. “Fascinating.”
“What is?” Kirk asked.
Spock placed his Tri-corder against the rock and the stone emitted a low rumble. “Curious Captain. There seems to be a energy field being generated by this rock formation.”
Kirk began to reach out to the rock.
“I would advise you to make physical contact with this rock till further analysis.” Spock said blocking Kirks hand.
Kirk smiled and lowered his hand. “So what does your scan tell you.”
Spock’s eyebrow raised again. “The rock is made of lime, quarts, some copper and gold.”
“A perfect conductor of Electricity.” Chekov said quickly.
“That it is, however, where is the energy originating from that is the question.” Kirk said.
McCoy ran a scan on Kirk with his medical Tri-corder. “Jim I’m concerned that if this thing has energy, or channeling it. Could there be a chance of Dangerous radiation?”
“I have completed a scan of this formation Doctor, and I have summited that the radiation levels are quite low and safe.”
The wind blew harder.
A strange mist formed in the middle of the circle in the rock, despite the wind. Spock placed his Tri-corder into the middle of the mist to take a reading, but pulled his hand back quickly. He turned to the doctor quickly. McCoy took Spock’s hand to examine it closer.
“My God Jim, his hand looks young like a teenager. Look no hair, no blemishes. Even the cut you got yesterday is gone.” McCoy said running the Medi-Corder over Spock’s hand.
Jim looked at his own hand at the bruises from a practice fight he had with Spock earlier that week. He reached into the mist, then pulled out quickly. However instead of his bruise disapearing, his hand was as wrinkled as an old man. Kirk took a chance and placed his hand back into the mist. When he pulled it out, his hand was back to normal, complete with the bruise.
Chekov seeing some water flowing out of the rock onto a steady stream, took a sample testing it for chemical composition and safety. “Sir the water is safe to drink here also.” Chekov said as he filled a small container of water and drank.
“Chekov!” Kirks yelled.
Chekov looked at his Captain in a strange almost intoxicated look. He staggered a moment, caught his composure, then took another drink. “Capt – aye. I – believe – I’m -drunk.” he said staggering.
Kirk smelled the liquid. “There is no aroma.” Dipping his finger into the water, he then tasted the water. “No taste.”
Suddenly Chekov began to laugh and dance around, drinking more of the water. Before Kirk could say or do anything, Chekov stumbled into the mist and vanished.
Spock scanned the formation.
“I am the Guardian of time. Your Crew member has gone into the time portal.” A voice reverberated from the structure.
Kirk looked at Spock then back at the rock formation. “I am Captain -”
“James T. Kirk. Yes I know who you are Captain. Your Crew member named Chekov has altered the time line. You and the rest of your landing party are stuck here on this planet.” The voice said.
“What do you mean stuck?” Kirk said as he took out his Communicator. “Kirk to enterprise.”
No response.
“Kirk – to – Enterprise, come in Enterprise.” Kirk repeated.
The wind died down to a light breeze. The rock began to glow red and the mist vanished. Spock held out his Tri-corder. “Captain, this structure is building up energy.”
“Do not fear James Kirk. I am the Guardian, I will not harm you or your crew. Mister Chekov had altered the current time-line. Your ship dose not exist.” The Guardian said.
“If my ship does not exist, then how are we here still? Wouldn’t we not exist if the time-lines were changed?” Kirk asked.
“You were protected by this planet, however outside this planet, all time has been changed.” The Guardian explained.
“Spock, is there a possibility that we could go through this portal, find Chekov before he changed history, and set it right.” Kirk asked.
“To do such, may cause a catastrophic rip in the space time continuum. If we were successful in First finding Ensign Chekov, we run the same risk of changing time ourselves.” Spock said.
“Damn it Jim, if this Guardian is so perfect, couldn’t it have stopped the time change?” McCoy said.
“I am the Guardian, I am the keeper of time.” The guardian said.
“Shut up!” McCoy said.
Kirk inhaled deep and looked at the Guardian. “Is there a way that you could take us to exactly where the time shift happened?”
“I am the Guardian of time. I can take you to the time shift.” The guardian said.
“Bones, Spock your with me. You two stay here and keep trying to hail the Enterprise. If we are successful, you should be able to get hold of them with in a few minutes.” Kirk said.
The mist returned and images of Earth’s history flashed in the middle of the structure at an dizzying speed. But then the images slowed down to real time speed, then it stopped at a scene of a flat land, much like that of the Guardian world. However, trees flourished the land, and a blue sky with fluffy white clouds.
“I am the Guardian -”
“I wish he would stop saying that like broken computer chip!” McCoy said.
“I have shown you the place where your Crew member had entered.” The guardian continued.
Kirk studied the image. “If I am not mistaken, that looks like the old Rancher Air Force base in Montana, the birthplace of the first Warp ship by Doctor Zefram Cockrane.”
“That is correct sir. I am very surprised though because of the meager funds and resources that Doctor Cockrane was able to make such a craft.” Spock observed.
McCoy rolled his eyes. “You will be surprised what Humans can do when they set their mind to it.”
“Ready phasers to stun. If we do find Chekov, we may have to use these to bring him back with us. Hopefully before the time shift.” Kirk said as he set his phaser.
“We jump in…” Spock said looking at his tri-coder. “3…”
Kirk and McCoy stood in front of the Guardian.
“2…” Spock said as he stood with his fellow officers.
The three men rushed forward to the structure. The passed through the mist, then vanished behind the wall of vapors. The guardians red glow died down and turned blue. The misty white smoke cleared showing nothing but the background scene of the planets blue soil, and strange Rock formations.
To be continued in its entirety.

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