Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jacob's room 2

I was watching T.V when I heard a noise in "Jacob's room" This room is a spare room in our appartment where I have been having loads of different paranormal activity. It is also a place where the Ghost child Jacob seems to like to stay when it is here in visitation.

I learned when I hear noises, to take my cell phone in to the area with me with my camera at the ready. I am glad I did.

On the right hand all of the books was all stacked normally. straight up. I went in took a fast picture, and noticed a shadow moving so I took a picture of that. Apparently Jacob was playing around with the books again.

Jacob's doing

The shadow was running from the bookshelf, toward a closet where I had caught him in a picture.

He is a great friendly spirit, and never causes harm. But he loves messing around with the books.

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